Welcome to the transnational mountain bike trail building conference.

At this point many professional trail builders, destinations, communities, municipal offices and resorts all around the globe have built amazing mountain bike trails and have solved numerous problems in doing so.

With the Trail Building Summit we want to provide a global platform to exchange experiences, share best practice solutions, learn about new trends and talk about proven techniques in planning, designing and building a sustainable mountain bike trail.


Willkommen zur transnationalen Mountainbike Trailbau Konferenz.

Bis heute wurden von professionellen Trailbauern, Destinationen, Gemeinden, kantonalen Verwaltungen sowie Resorts bereits eine Vielzahl an neuen Bikestrecken und -Infrastrukturen gebaut und unterhalten. Die Vorgehensweise sowie das Problemlösungsverhalten haben sich dabei weiterentwickelt, so dass diesbezüglich ein breites Know-how vorhanden ist.

Mit dem Trail Building Summit wollen wir eine globale Plattform bieten, welche dazu dient Erfahrungen, Best Practice Lösungen, neue Trends sowie bewährte Techniken in der Planung, dem Design und dem Bau von nachhaltigen Biketrails auszutauschen.


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Strategic Implementation

It always starts with an idea. But the right gears will have to be turned in order to get the process going. It takes a lot of decisions and effort before the shovels hit the soil. Having a solid concept is a great tool to keep projectsevolving.

Design and Coordination

The trails that we are riding have evolved over the years. No longer are we just riding what has been there, but rather look for diversity, challenge and fun. Different interest groups have to be involved and in the interest of nature and future riders we must choose a sustainable trail design.

Building and Maintenance

Mountain bike trail building is a relatively new profession. It demands a wide array of skills and experience in order to achieve a high fun-factor and low maintenance costs. Many crutual challenges are faced in this part of the process.

Trail Building Summit 2018 - when today’s and future trail building legends meet in Zermatt

From 17th - 18th September 2018 more than 50 participants and speakers from all over the world met up for the first edition of the Trail Building Summit. During two days the summit offered a great platform to talk about different experiences, to get inspired by new ideas, to discuss future projects and to share the passion for mountain biking and sustainable trails together with great people.

Thanks to everyone for two amazing days and the good vibes - see you back in Zermatt from 23rd - 24th September 2019!