The Trail Building Summit will be a multiplier platform to share trail implementation, building and maintaining know-how on a transnational level. In combination with TRAILLOVE - Alpine Mountain Bike Festival and the Enduro World Series we’re able to provide a unique experience for all mountain bike enthusiasts in Zermatt - Matterhorn.

Sunday, 22nd September 2019*

Specialized Dig Day (optional)

with Fanie Kok, Soil Searching

Meeting point: TRAILLOVE Info & Merch Stand at Event hub, 13:00 o'clock
More information here

Monday, 23rd September 2019*

Morning - “Importance of trails”

Trails are the base of the sport of mountainbiking and therefore of high importance for the bike industry, mountain bike tourism or regional development. With different examples and perspectives from around the world we will highlight the “importance of trails” during our morning session.

from 08:30
Check-in at Cervo Mountain Boutique Resort (Entrance of Restaurant Ferdinand)

Romy-Biner Hauser – Mayor of Zermatt
Welcome Speech

Christian Ziörjen
- Zermatt Tourismus
Welcome Speech

Chris Ball
- Enduro World Series
Trails: The cornerstone of our sport

Mark Torsius
- IMBA Europe
Serious DIRTT - Development of an educational framework in the domain of trail building

Coffee Break

Thomas Giger
- Swiss Sports Publishing
Trail building - are we on the right track?

Hillel Sussmann
- Israel Nature and Parks Authority (INPA), Israel Bike Trail
Israel Bike Trail - overcoming challenges of a national trail project

Gary Vernon
- Walton Family Foundation
The history of the Arkansas Oz Trails - creating an urban mountain bike destination

from 12:00
Lunch & networking at Restaurant Puro


Afternoon - “Coexistence vs. purpose-built trails”

With increasing numbers of mountainbikers and technological improvement within the bike industry there is a higher demand for new specific infrastructure and extended mountain bike routes. Destinations are following different strategies with planning and implementation of new purpose-built trails or adapting existing trails, but in both cases there are certain conflicts. Where is the right balance between “coexistence vs. purpose-built trails”?

Graeme McLean
– Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland
MTB Scotland: Responsible Access - Riders & Landowners – The Most Important Relationship?

Luca D’Angelo
- Dolomiti Paganella
Bike Park Trails vs Shared Trails: can they really coexists? Insights from Dolomiti Paganella Bike.

Andreas Boldt
- Pronatura
Environmentally friendly mountain biking: requirements for infrastructure and planning

Coffee Break

Lorenz Schweizer
- SchweizMobil
Introducing the new swiss guideline "coexistence vs. separation of bikers and hikers"

Tobias Maurer
- Züritrails

Panel discussion



from 17:00
Guided evening ride (approx. 2 hours)

from 19:00
3-course dinner at Turbina Zermatt - an amazing location & great vibes!


Tuesday, 24th September 2019*

Morning - “Global trail builders insights”

Different trail builders from all around the globe have proven their skills with innovative concepts as well as the design and construction of sustainable mountain bike trails. With “Global trail builders insights” we highlight certain projects, exchange know-how and share stories as well as experiences on a transnational scale.

Philipp Wiedhofer - Wexl Trails
Wexl Trails - safe trails for easy progression

René Wildhaber
- Pro Rider, Bikerberg Flumserberg
The long way to 165000 smiles.

Coffee Break

Lars Wraae Jensen - Opplysningskontoret for Terrengsykling
Tråkk’n’Roll - building a local trail builder industry

Mark McClure -
From the ground up - things I found.

Tom “Pro” Prochazka - Whistler Gravity Logic
Whistler Bike Park – 20 years of continued success. Why?

from 12:00
Grab&Go lunch at Restaurant Ferdinand

Afternoon - “Dig&Ride”

On a short tour around Zermatt we look at practical examples in the field and discuss challenges as well as solutions together with our experts.

13:00 - 17:00
Guided bike tour and workshops supported through:

Trail design, the perfect berm - Diddie Schneider
Sustainable trail maintenance - Mark McClure
Water management - Trail Crew Zermatt


All presentations at the Trail Building Summit 2019 will be held in English.
Alle Präsentationen am Trail Building Summit 2019 werden in englischer Sprache gehalten.

 *a more detailed program will follow.

18th - 22nd September 2019

TRAILLOVE - Alpine Mountain Bike Festival

The love for trails unites all mountainbikers. If it wasn’t for the love of trails, mountainbikers wouldn’t spend so much time outdoors in shitty weather, endure so many abrasions and rather spend their money on a new helmet than a new tie. We are going to celebrate the love for trails from September 18th to 22nd with the TRAILLOVE - Alpine Mountainbike Festival in Zermatt.

The final round of the Enduro World Series is the main event of the festival. But besides cheering for the world’s fastest enduro racers, TRAILLOVE offers a lot more. Starting with the new bike adventure TRAILLOVE Derby as an epic way to explore the trails around Zermatt, followed by Chasing Cancellara Zürich - Zermatt as the ultimate challenge for all road bikers.

In the brandvillage exhibitors show their latest bikes, gadgets and accessories. Kids can play and bike under supervision and participate in their first mountainbike race during the TRAILLOVE Family Day. The festival village will offer plenty of local foods and beverages and those of you who like to party can go wild at the TRAILLOVE X EWS Party on Saturday night. Come to Zermatt and celebrate the love for trails with us! #welovetrails